Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Oh no - it begins...

You know its there, lurking in the dark corners of Interspace.

It has beady little eyes, a crooked mouth. It likes Doritos...

When it's happy it makes a 'mlep' noise and smacks its lips. It doesn't have lips though.


That's right, my blog has officially (again) begun.

Please forgive me. I have no idea what came over me, I really don't.

First I'm typing away, wondering when I will ever manage to update and upload artwork on DeviantArt and next thing I know, my fingers are vomiting my words onto the Internet. Damnit. You win this time Desire for Internet Fame. I shall fade into obscurity yet.

Yet for all intents and purposes, I highly doubt this blog will come to much. I have also started a carbon copy of this blog on Livejournal - oops.

To be honest I had totally forgotten I even created a blog, years and years ago - when I was but a wee idealistic university student. So instead of agonising on creating a new one (which I already did anyway) - I'd work on what I have instead and what has resulted is that I am now managing not one - but four blogs.

I wont really talk about anything substantial. On occasion I just may get emotional. But hopefully - I shall be phonetically and grammatically accurate when doing so, thus looking less like a pre-pubescent, badly haircut whelp with first world problems. Yes, first world problems, you heard me. I will complain that the world is not fair because I am relatively healthy (false, actually) and can at the very least afford food, rent, and Doritos, but the world owes me big time because it does not spoon feed me my dreams with a rainbow spoon, with diamonds, and ponies.

An I am still waiting for my unicorn (dashing knight in dented and well pummelled armor is a bonus [if the armor is shiny it means he doesn't really get out and do knighty stuff - loser])

I have no idea what else to write for my first post:


I might draw a few things, or Photoshop general asshattery if I have time. I need to pretend like work is more important and that I am simply magnanimous enough to occasionally pollute the Internet with the occasional sliver of 'hsphfffrt*$11!!' that resides in my brain (I think, that, having being said that I now copyright the word 'hsphfffrt*$11!!').

Oh - and I am sick today. Great way to start a blog T, when your face is slightly puffy and looking more and more like a marshmallow, your index finger has an infected cut and your gut is punching itself into oblivion... nice move.

So - without further ado...

That's right - i want your attention.

I want your attention like Snape wants manly loving. That's right, you heard me.

P.S. - Anyone can post comments - but leave some sort of contact (I think it asks for your email anyway) so I can respond to your visionary input (swear I wont bite).

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