Wednesday, 4 April 2012

This was meant to be impressive

Let us pretend, just for time being that this is technically not a blog entry. It's an... uh... interlude.
No You Arent, Dont Lie, Dogdude Gif - No You Arent, Dont Lie, Dogdude

I have at least three proper entries drafted up that for some reason I haven't pressed 'publish' on. One being a review of Epic makeupperers for the pretty and geeky inclined and second, a review of SWTOR, which is a dead and beaten horse but damnit, I want my turn.

But as you can see, SWTOR happened - which wasn't as fun as I thought it would be. (more on that later)
Also - my nephew happened...
Why yes, that is my baby nephew and our dog being brain meltingly adorable together, I thank you for having fits of squee alongside me.

Also - a wedding happened...
Also - real life. Oh and studying and full time work...
Yes, my job and studies involve studying the diplomatic ramifications of cat munching and the economic ramifications of Dubya having eaten all of them

Also - please don't kill me - Maple Story. I don't know how it happened, I woke up one morning, the room was trashed and there was a really huge mushroom with an orange cap staring at me fondly next to me in bed. I swear to god nothing happened and the giant Mushroom assured me that all we did was talk. I killed it anyway because I needed the XP, but yeah.
Look at that smug self-satisfied grin. Also not the shroom I was looking for.

Also - massive amounts of crafting and steampunk and art will eat at my time. All of which I have no photographic proof of. (Yet) -
I also joined a MAss Effect 3 Competition where you designed Shep's armour - I submitted mine late and incomplete - CAUSE I AM A NATURAL BORN LOSER.

Also - Mass Effect 3 - I haven't taken it out of the box (EDIT: YES I HAVE, FAREWELL WORLD), not even to play with the orange inflatable omniblade it came with.

Also - I have a relative staying over and sleeping in my room. So, for the sake of common decency there will be no Sexy Manly Times With Garrus Oh My God The Inappropriate Innuendo That Will Ensue gratuitous violence because my relative is you know, the sensible sort.

Also - this.
While many know my aversion for socialising on MMOs, I have been invited to play with some really close friends of mine who shared the same losing lustre/love for MMOs as me. We are going to try and rediscover what it is we love about this game and why, despite newer and better games around, we are still happy to flock back to Azeroth.
Also - I was about to publish an article about social inequality in gaming - but again, dead horse, beaten. Short story of it all is; so long as you are a decent human being who has enough integrity to not allow the internet to shape your personality, you're fine. Everyone else is a d-bag, just make sure you're not. As such, game on.

Also - (good god when does this stop?!) I missed Animania - I have decided I will no longer be a vendor at conventions because frankly, I feel a huge disconnect with the fanbase for Anime. I would write something about the general demise of my local Anime Club but honestly, it is just not worth my time. Also, Anime fans have devolved into loud not-funny freaks, they give geeks and nerds a bad name but that is probably because they're anime fans (read weeabos) and they don't make them the same anymore. And also, this rant is proof that I am getting old.
Also - notice how Skyrim got old really quick? glad I didn't really jump on to that bandwagon. ... yet.

Also - I bought a shit-ton of Illamasqua cosmetics... I am now so friggin poor I am eating lipstick. But on the other hand, I burp fabulosity.

So I leave it there, I hope the pictures are pretty.
From the BroShep and FemShep and Garrus super threesome, peace out!