Tuesday, 21 February 2012

If I said I was drunk on WowWow Sauce...

Happy New Year! – erm… even if its almost March…

It has been such a chaotic last few months for me. Study has completely dominated my life with weekly assignment submissions. This has taxed my ability to write coherent sentences without putting the word; ‘incongruent’, ‘intelligence estimate’ and ‘development of civil society’ somewhere in there. full time work has distracted me with Historic LOLs. (I’m so lame)

I have also lost my sense of humor and my hand-eye coordination has deteriorated.

I blame my studies – but really, I blame this guy:
I am so derpy but so badass and sexy… how did this happen?

and this:

> Lets just say the force isn’t entirely with this… but its trying.

Ok, so I cant exactly say that full time work and post-grad studies of the very intellectual kind have been to blame for my lack of blogging commitment, but I have written the words ‘corporate liability’ quite a lot these past few weeks and, to be honest – that’s a really heavy word to type and think of…
Also I have been busy making things like this;
and drawing a lot of things like this;
So yeah...
Dragon Age Origins pretty much killed my social life for a bit. I would love to talk about the awesomeness that are the social dynamics of the game, but I think I will need to hold off that because I became so emotionally attached to the character I created (badass female dwarf rogue!) that I started dreaming I was in the Korcari Wilds yelling at Morrigan to stop pranking Shale and eat some frigging breakfast because it took me hours to find that fish.

Yeah – I don’t know… my dreams always fucking confuse me.

I was about to start playing DA2 but I realised that I could not afford to feed my addiction and also, I heard it sucked and I wanted to make another dwarf character, this time male.

Such a shame Alistair was totally straight – it would have been really interesting to see him fumble over his odd and unexplained feelings for a male if it had been programmed in. I wonder if Bioware would have treated it as a sexual orientation issue or an emotional and purely romantic one.

But yeeeah, I decided to also start the Star Wars MMO, interspersed with moments when I needed to kill the everliving shit out of everything with Darksiders 1 on PC (controls are sooooo haaaaaaard!!!!!).

I would say I was also taking multiple arrows to my knee and surviving it like a boss cause I’m way more hardcore than anyone else. But my PC shuts down automatically everytime I leave Helm’s Deep… so sadly, no dragon slaying for me at all.

Oh – I have finally finished all the current seasons of Eureka and am catching up on Warehouse 13 – I saw three memes in one day – thanks nerds, my life was complete.
Also: Nuff said…
What – I am allowed to drool over incredible chunks of manliness, especially after constantly being assaulted by really bizzarely concocted sexist remarks on forums and vent online while playing games.

I mean really, how does me having a vagina have anything to do with my ability to press buttons on a game pad or keyboard?… sorry if you’re losing dude, just… er … practice a bit more. I ‘ll definitely explore this later, maybe when I’m feeling more belligerent.

So – if I never come back online ever again, please blame the following things:

Although this particular friend of mine is also a team player and will occasionally go online with me.

We have a phrase in filo - 'Super Kilig' - yep...

It cannot be helped – they offered the inflatable omniblade with the special edition, so I am getting my money’s worth.
Also – this:

I do not recommend that you do, buy a latte instead…

I have however, finally finished my review of the products I bought at Geek Chic Cosmetics and will probably post that when I remember to post it.

I am also working on an entry for Terry Pratchett’s First Novel Award. I have no hopes of me winning this competition by any stretch of the imagination but this has inspired me to get off my ass and put to paper what has been boiling in my head for at least 6 years.

I may even sort my notes out on this blog, so I can document the process. So far I have something like this;

Kerri looked up and in fact, so did the rest of the cafeteria as Meryu Sandaranimini, Tech R&D’s prodigy child in technophysics walked, no, not walked – floated in to the room.
Some fantasy genre books will speak of Elves as ethereal, beautiful features. General depictions show them pale and delicate, with no pores (or with that really fancy filter they use in shows like Bold and the Beautiful where everyone looks glossy), and with hair that flows like cascading tendrils of solid water down their upright and willowy backs, their clothes are flowy and elegant and there tend to be a large amount of swirly things around them, or on their heads, like swirly jewellery or pendants with magical er… swirls.

For some other Elven reason, they also like nature, and trees and birds and songs with the wind and their horses are always swirly and flowy and they like bows… and those have swirls too, like, on the knobbly ends.

Our brief introduction to Kerri has demonstrated that stereotyping is an awful thing. For one, Elves smell funny. Bet you didn’t know that did you?

Yeah, so…yeah… Life happens man, and mine isn’t as cool as I hoped it to be.

But if anyone ever cares (which is no one – might be a good thing) these things shall eventually spew forth from my brain:

  • My brain

  • Character profiles – maybe even pictures… if I’m lucky

  • further review of Illamasqua Makeup

  • Convention write ups

  • game opinions

  • occasional rants

  • things about cartoons from the 80’s

Yeah – please tell me I’m interesting, please?

Alistair from Dragon Age: Origins is ©owned by Bioware/EA. Star Wars the Old Republic is ©owned by Bioware/EA/Lucas Arts. Hawaii Five-O is ©owned by CBS. Mass Effect 3 is ©owned by Bioware/EA. Strongbow is ©owned by Heineken UK. Dragon sculpt and draft drawing is ©owned by me.