Thursday, 28 February 2013

Turns out sexy death is a thing...

End of the month weiners!  That means billing!!!

Oh wait… that's work.

Well February just went extinct didn’t it?  What the hell Time, I may be pleased that my nephew is one year old now and can pretty much run and bounce on the spot on his own but seriously; just breathe, take your time (except when I'm at work).
I seem to have had very little time to do anything this month.  Or maybe I've been doing so much that I suddenly woke up and took into account that it's pretty much March. 
Actually, I've been finishing some of my sweet little terrrium done necklace charms... so much fun!!!
Its like when you take a shower and start singing 'You're the Best' by Joe Esposito and once you're done and step out, you get somewhat shocked and displeased that somehow it isn't the 80's anymore.
Man, this has happened to me more times than I can count.  It sucks monkey nuts.

Anyway, so, remember how I was all excited about:
AND FINALLY, my computer was fixed to allow me to play:

AND I was so excited that I was actually contemplating having my Hawke sleep with every party member in Dragon Age II even though I detest the game and I have eyes only for the Varric, the Dwarf character (who you can't romance because someone in Bioware is selfish and/or racist towards dwarfs).
GUYZE! someone made a meme about it!!! yeeeeeeeeey
AND, I was finally going to taste the glory of Borderlands 2 (and finish 1 cause damn…)
AND get down to fixing the layout and look of this blog because, well, vanity?

BUT... My computer has died. It died a terrible death after too many hours on Skyrim and looking at sexy pictures of Turians.

I don’t think you understand the gravity of the situation guys.

This means, with the weariest of sighs, that I have to truck it again all the way to the factory and have it repaired. Again.  All I can hope for is that they can at the very least recover all my data and I'll wait up to save up on a new PC. 

Thankfully, my friends from Nekochii are like, the bestest people in the whole wide world ever ever and you should totally check out their shop and send them a message on behalf of the universe telling them that they are magnificent and lush and glorious.

They lent me an old gaming PC that runs like a dream except it has no wireless receiver so I cant really play Skyrim or anything on steam.  SO SAD.

I am finally playing the Witcher.  Yes ladies and gentlemen, I am going to tackle my pile of shame and play all the games on my to do list and re-play old games because now I don’t have the distraction of the internet.
I could just attach my Ethernet cable to my modem but I know that someone is going to trip over the loose cable and break all the things.  So I'm keeping the comp offline.

Besides – it is good detox from constantly checking Facebook and reading Slash Fiction.
My trip to the US is fast approaching and damnit, all I can think of is guacamole.  Hopefully I can post jealousy inducing photos or something.  BECAUSE I AM GOING TO DISNEYLAND!

Anyway.  I realise I have used all caps for far too many phrases and I assure you that I too think this is excessive and somewhat manic.  That doesn't mean any of it is unwarranted.
So finally I will get to see what the fuss is about with Assassins Creed 2 (yeah, late to the party, but considering the fandom, I'm glad I stayed out of it). 

But beware, I will also use this offline time to re-hone my skills on Unreal Tournament (my all time favourite game).  And once my PC is fixed, ya'll better watch the fuck out.  This Nali War Cow is going to fuck your shit up.

I am also re-playing Monster Hunter on the PSP (not the vita - it's so expensive!) with the intention of finishing it for realsies.  In fact, I managed to kill the Tigrex with only one fainting!!! yeeeeeey (and numerous ragequits)
Also! – (eee omg omg!)

My Mass Effect Leggings arrived.  They are…
Oh god, I have no words for them.  I am choking up.  The beauty of them blinded me and I am unable to cope.  I just stare at them hanging on my wardrobe and gasp and sigh with reverent awe. 

Well, not really since my 4 month wait for them somewhat dulled the moment.  But it was worth every dollar.
I kind of got excited and took the photo on my bed and in my swimsuit since I was about to go for my training swim.  But the swimsuit matches! *flails*
On this note.  Jesus, I have lost the skill of taking the self portrait.  I needed to find a tutorial on how to hold the camera properly and look at references as to how others did it. (note: there are actually some proper tutorials on this…)

I felt so awkward doing it.  I think you can tell by now that I am apprehensive about photographing myself.  It feels weird, it makes me feel squicky and vain.  Also unprofessional.

I am also pausing the crafts for a bit and I have joined Neil Gaiman's Calendar of Stories project.  Hopefully I get myself motivated enough to submit a few to the project and not lag behind like I did last year when I said I'd submit my short novel for the Terry Pratchett First Novel Award. 

February was short, things happened and news occurred.  I would write vast epic sagas and essays about the Pope resigning and FUCK! Berlusconi somehow still being relevant in Italian politics (how the hell is this man still alive?!?!?!).  But I wont because I would go on and on and froth at the mouth and you will all need inoculation and umbrellas and its just not as fun as it sounds watching me get irrationally angry with the rest of the world.

Ok – finally – does anyone have any decent manga that could be recommended to me?

I recently caught up on Bleach (spoiler – people nancying about I fancy outfits – crap) and my friends kindly updated me on Naruto because I am never reading that shit again (spoiler – children nancying about and a guy with fancy hair and obvious character reveal is obvious). 

I have no idea if Soul Eater is back on the publishing track and really, I just want something nice and well thought out and something that has a proper ending like Shaman King did.
Which reminds me I need to get volume 2 of new reboot 52 Stormwatch.  I am totally loving the Martian Manhunter in it.  I really hope he stays?

Anyway – I leave you with the Hon. Stephen Fry and Saint Hugh Laurie discussing stuff the Strayian way: