Friday, 5 September 2014

Hola, good bye, hello...

What the hell? seriously? Another nonsense post?

Yes, sadly, I have dropped the ball again.

Ok, there's... reasons.  Really.

I'm so sorry I haven't been vociferous lately, even on FB - I have reduced my presence to that of newsfeed/echo chamber for other articles with the occasional comment to imply that I am equally as sharp and witty as the articles I share.

I think you all ought to know by now that is a shameful lie and a front.  I am just that good at the gift of gab.

So - I thought I'd write this short article to tell you that I am not dead or just knocked out from the devastation of losses of public figures that has happened recently.  (Now our Beloved Joan Rivers, I will never hear anyone as irreverent to small Asian children as her again). 

I have been sick.  Super, super, knocked out sick.

I have never been good with doctors and medicines, it seems my body thinks it is either a woodland elf (ew) or a hippie (extra ew) and I cannot handle medication more complex than my usual ibuprofen for my headaches.

As a result, I have lived on a roller coaster of side-effects as long as my arm and I have been swinging in both moods, appetites and physical appearance.

I am still plucking all the bristles off my back, it is a long and tedious procedure. 

This has also meant losing weight in ways that even I am not pleased about (it's not impressive to be swimming in your own clothes actually), sleeping for too long or too little and throwing up every time I smell anything that isn't oxygen. Oh and pain, stupid crappy simple pain. 


Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I have lost my sense of humor - TRAGEDY.

But, on the other hand - I still have my friends and family and all the people I love and damnit, I still have this brain and I have met new people and am slowly learning and re-learning new exciting things and habits. 

Yeah, that's right, fighting back - I'mma be all muscled and over excited again in no time. 

See, everyday is a new day and a new adventure no matter how shit things might seem.  

Maybe I'm just writing this entry to give everyone a big thumbs up - you can do it! - pep talk. No idea why, you're all so lovely anyways.

I am also publishing on a bona fide REAL website, and not just some shitty dear diary full of  them yucky feelings and emotes and gifs.


I am also going to Spain! YEEEEEEEAAAAAAAH

That means photos of Tapas and Canas and things that involve sunshine because oh, my god, I am so sick of this stupid grey-ass weather here in Sydney. 

I will also get my much needed breathing space to reconnect with the world and get back to my childhood roots and reconfigure myself yet again to face the big bad world when I get back.

Frankly, I think I need to just get my adventurer boots on again, I've been feeling a tad stifled since it has been a while since I got to go on a trip and my feet are super, duper itchy.

Its always good to take some time and try and do little things everyday that ground you.

There's going to be art museums, long walks, tapas, swarthy dark espanish men (and women, I'm an equal opportunist ha! [actually, not really - growing up in Spain didn't really give me that stereotypical taste for a latin lover, I got dropped on my head, I know, but what can you do, I grew up there, it isn't exotic to me]), tapas, good wine, a lot of shopping, tapas, old family and friends, tapas and maybe new friends and tapas. 

hahaha! I can't believe this poster exists
Oh, and paella, cochinillo, albondigas, calamares, oreja, churros, gambas al ajillo, fabada, chorizo, FUET, queso manchego... I could go on really.

In short, AMAZEBALLS food.  

And no, I wont miss you guys at all (kidding! well, maybe not).
You jealous yet? yeeeeeaaaaah you jelly
I wont even miss my gamez.  Well, I'm bringing my DS with me.

Upon my return, I shall be a Monster Hunter extraordinaire legend of epic proportions.  (ok, the Jhen Mohran is giving me problems, I wont lie)

And I'll miss the fact that I've been playing Resident Evil 6 co-op.  Jeebus that game is fun although I have noticed that as cool and fun as all the in-game violence is, I do sit there and get - I don't know, not offended, or really horrified - but I am finding that I acknowledge the excessiveness of the violence.  Is this a getting old thing?

I may discuss it here or maybe, on a bona fide real website, if you know what I mean.

Also, I recently played Geometry Wars.  OH MY GOD I LOVE THAT GAME (oh my god, I am really shit at it)
the most fun trip EVER
Anyway - i'm off to listen to some David Bisbal, the cool kids in Spain still listen to him right?

See you in October when I am jolly, well-traveled and fat!!!