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Hola, good bye, hello...

What the hell? seriously? Another nonsense post?
Yes, sadly, I have dropped the ball again.
Ok, there's... reasons.  Really.
I'm so sorry I haven't been vociferous lately, even on FB - I have reduced my presence to that of newsfeed/echo chamber for other articles with the occasional comment to imply that I am equally as sharp and witty as the articles I share.
I think you all ought to know by now that is a shameful lie and a front.  I am just that good at the gift of gab.
So - I thought I'd write this short article to tell you that I am not dead or just knocked out from the devastation of losses of public figures that has happened recently.  (Now our Beloved Joan Rivers, I will never hear anyone as irreverent to small Asian children as her again). 
I have been sick.  Super, super, knocked out sick.
I have never been good with doctors and medicines, it seems my body thinks it is either a woodland elf (ew) or a hippie (extra ew) and I cannot handle medication more compl…