Friday, 28 February 2014

Pooppity Hoppity - Its a postitty?

Errr… happy new year and two months?! (disclaimer - GIF PARTY BELOW)

Let's do this right
Hello – We survived!
So – Hmmm, lots of stuff happened…
And then I burned out – major – crash. and. burn.

Oh my god… its been a cray-cray past two months.
I mean c'mon, Christmas – who doesn’t get insanely busy during that time?.. ok, people who don’t celebrate it.  But still, here in Aus, its summer and its all about going out and going to the beach and festivals and party and the Sydney Festival was on and damn, so much stuff has been happening.
I mean, what's with all my buds suddenly getting married everywhere?

Check this out:

  • Friday night; hen's night out for one bride (sangria, sangria, sangria);
  • Saturday all day; hen's 'tea' (as in drinking tea but mostly drinking vodka punch out of teacups) in the Blue Mountains (beautiful views, hilarious talks about adult toys and champagne)
  • Sunday; quiet daytime wedding with friends and family;
  • Following Friday; flight to Adelaide to attend a 45-degree-in-the-sun-40-degree-in-the-shade garden wedding (super pretty and so lovely though). 
Aaaaand shut down.

Guyz, I'm too old for all this party hardy.  Seriously.
I feel so tired and worn out and damnit if I haven’t actually had a few people telling me that I look like I'm going to die or I just look like plain shit – thanks. 

So, after an actual crash and getting doctors to prod me, I am feeling super duper dandy.  Still tired, but not too tired to possibly, say, roll on the floor with puppies, or finger paint dinosaurs with my baby nephew, or gesticulate wildly while watching The Legend of Korra.
I am also not too tired to play the Witcher 2 either. 

OK, Guys, guyze…. omg… guyz… I am like, so, sooooo, In Love guyze.

seriously.... look at that... holy shit.... SO BEAUTIFUL!!! (and I'll admit, Triss looks good)
 The Witcher 2 is a masterpiece guyze. 

I can't play any other game (except Monster Hunter – that that's my 'professional' commitment so it doesn’t count) right now other than the Witcher. 

I have done any skanky stuff yet and I actually can't wait – so far, I have had Geralt do these smirks at girls which, I assume, according to someone with no genitalia, is supposed to come off as either sexy or charming.  It actually comes off as passing wind, but hey, at least it doesn’t look rapey.

Etsy store coming soon!!
I am also in production mode.  As in, I am casting a resin piece almost every night and I am already building up a steady supply of thingies to make into prettier thingies so I can start making big thingies!!

Ignore tired face...
 I also started making these!!!

I am not embarrassed to say I feel rather loving and motherly towards these.  I had so much fun making them.

I also made my own color palette of eyeshadows using my new purchases from the greatest Nerdy Mineral Make Up Makers.  Each colour is nerdy themed and golly oh my aren't they the prettiest things!!!!!
So – in terms of New Years' Resolutions – my year of adventure has begun.  I mean, I have gone to Adelaide, that's like, a big deal right?
So, looking forward to meeting new people (making friends with Spanish strippers and another stripper called Julie apparently has been a strange, strange theme this month);catching up, and falling in love with aliens (and coffee jelly shots apparently [NOTE TO SELF AND NOTE TO YOU – DRINKING IS BAD, SO, SO, BAD]).
Other planned adventures for this year include:

·         Tripping around in Fatherland Spain for a month in September!!!

·         Eat all the Doritos

·         Silver jewellery classes

·         Invade Japan – steal all Gundams

·         Scuba lessons!
I'm also going to see KYARY PAMYU PAMYU THIS MARCH!!!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I always tell myself I'll also be more creative, which honestly, I think I am, except I always feel like I'm never doing enough. 

I feel this is a common thing among people who like doing creative arts and crafts (or any creative medium).  As if every minute we don’t spend drawing or sculpting or rendering or forging is a minute wasted, it’s a bit of a slippery slope of danger zone-ness because the more you force yourself to be creative the more anxious about your activities you become.
I have two sketchbooks which I keep feeling are being neglected, my tablet isn’t out of its box yet and boxes filled with craft stuff (and a dead cicada in a bottle) which keep judging me because they're gathering dust.

I have a portrait of Daenerys which I now have no idea what to do with.

I think I've shown this before, still dont know what to do with it
Any ideas guys?

Also – I want to hear about your New Year's Resolutions – whatever the hell they are, be it to win the chocolate ├ęclair championship or to ensure your farts smell better for the comfort of your fellow man (this should genuinely be a scientific endeavour).
So yeah – tell me, TELL ME.  Even if they're not resolutions, just plans or vague ideas, who knows, we might encourage each other and before you know it, you're driving a Jaeger called Banana Delta. 

I am that good at motivating people.
The podcast I've been on is on hold.  The host has been pretty busy and some of the later podcasts we've done haven’t been put on there yet.  Who knows, maybe I'll do more, or maybe this is the glorious end of my talking loudly into tablets days.

Also – sparkledragon, graphic wizard extraordinaire Paul is kickstarting his massively amazing and inspiring graphic novel Pandeia.  I have all the current issues and I love this story.  Moreso, I love watching his progress as I see his work improve with every page.  He is, as I have mentioned before, highly decorated with the title of Amazeballs and you should check him out.
I have also been catching up on some podcasts which I listen to while killing time at work:

Do you like jokes? yes, you like Disney? yes, you like video games? wrestling? comics? MacDonalds? penis jokes… yes? – Laser Time is for you. (Seriously, these guys are adorable)

So – unless life decides to give me another swift kick in the pants (I'm exhausted even writing this up – ew), you will soon see this page renovated with a new layout or at the very least, a different colour scheme.  Hopefully.
These are all hopes and dreams, provided I do not get sucked into the strange world that is the Walking Dead and Supernatural fandom (yes, I am finally watching these… what the hell man).

Otherwise, you wont hear from me until the Sochi Winter Olympic games is over, or the NBA… whatever.
Goddaym LeBron
I love the winter games, they're infinitely more hard-core than the summer games.  And something about the snow and the ice (cryogenic effect?) just makes every winter athlete hot, like fire.  (I also have an athlete crush on Torah Bright, OMG she is so adorable).
It has also been the season of all things loverly and sparkleful - the Sydney LGBT Mardi Gras!! For those who live under a non-Australian rock, this is a huge touristy and awesome event here in Sydney (Arizona take note, being fab is good for the economy - even our ATMs totally work it)

Until then, sparklehugs!!!