Friday, 31 July 2015

The Final Supanovaaaaaa

What happened?
It’s like, a day before August!!!

I had a whole entry written up for June! And then, Supanova happened, and I didn’t even post for that!!!
Ok, I’ll start with an excuse.

Work success!
Yep, its been utterly insane, June was a whirlwind of emotion and business with all sorts and diving and computers breaking (again).
I can't even get to this level of fail on my PC because its completely borked...

My new job is finally a step in the direction I want my career to head to.  I now work in a children’s charity that assists children in foster caring programs.  Its utterly brain blowing and I have hit the ground running with this job.  I have learnt so much and it has been so intense from the get go.  HOMG I am loving it.

Anyway, I’ll talk about my monthly goings on next time because now, I shall share with you the adventure of my life that is the yearly ritual of attending SUPANOVA; gigantor nerd convention of epic proportions.

It is official – this was my last year as a vendor.

Yes, for real.  I’m done. Out.  Finito!
I have had a great time but I simply do not have the time or the space to make a giant mess of antlers, resin, beads and all that.

Admittedly, I loved making these things!!!
Fear not (if you were)! I will continue to make antlers on a commission and customised basis.  I will continue to experiment with styles and different methods since I am always on the search for perfection.  I am also crafting loads of other weird things, who knows, you might like them.
good times
But as always, I enjoyed making my antlers (and other trinkets) to sell to some lovely, wonderful and genuinely fun people.  I’ve met some old friends and made new ones who have been so kind to support my work and bolster my crappy ol’ ego and my hard work making these things.
A happy customer
One of my horns has been in the presence of Nathan Fillion guys.  It was worn during a photo session and god damn am I so happy and proud.
Oberyn liked my stuff you guyz!!!
I even had Rehka Sharma, Battlestar Galactica Actress and Supanova Guest try my horns on and genuinely asked me if she looked shiny and sparkly. 

Man, what a way to go.

To be honest, I was expecting to be really angry and grumpy at the world, I was feeling quite tired and quite resentful that I had to make so much of an effort for money that I didn’t think I’d make.  I was even placed in the same area as a competitor, making it hard for the two of us to garner any attention without directly competing off each other.
Frankly I think everyone else’s antlers are better than mine and I often feel a bit bad for standing in other’s way.
Sunday's last sales until there was only one left!
But I am proud of what I made this year and I have many new ideas for new designs, and I will continue to tinker around with these things. 

I think I was also particularly grumpy because I was alone this year.  K and J of Nekochii were situated quite far from me and J was busy with her new shop, Curious Empire(OMG guys, Zelda dresses.... how gorgeous are they?!)

G and M of Mogo & Co were equally far from me too.  And not to mention I like Shiniez – I have no idea where they were even sitting, I didn’t see that shop at all. 

I got a sweet and short visit from P who was, as always a great chat and good company.  He’s been wise and decided not to attend as an artist.
Guys, I said last year that there was an oversaturation of stuff right? I’M NOT WRONG.
If you're going to be one (or two) of the million deadpool cosplays - do it right like these guys (aka Chefpool) and support breastpool
There were at least two more rows of us at artists alley and there were so many fucking talented people it wasn’t fair. 
I was sat next to T from Tank Creates and Tentacle Flower, who make gorgeous artwork.  They’re everywhere guys.  Where the hell do all these talented people come from?

Another thing I noticed is that there are SO MANY FANDOMS.
What the hell... children's shows are about drugs now?!
I am still trying to catch up on Supernatural and I had people screaming things about some guy called Stephen?  Gawd I feel old.
I remember these, see? Relevant
Oh – and I spoke to John Dimaggio!!! Ok, I gushed and cooed at him and possibly made undignified noises.
On one side, his autograph, on the other side he wrote: 'Fight through the pain'.  I LOVE THIS MAN
He signed my locket and oh lawdy, he spoke to me in his Marcus Fenix voice! “Dom, Baird, take the left.  Tara, you’re with me...”
hhhhhnnnnnnnnnngggggg some more!!
I was wearing a Pacific Rim children’s onesie and I made a total fool of myself.


I was also utterly amazed at the quality of cosplay this year, like seriously guys, what the hell?  Why couldn’t people be this good when I was young and impressionable? I wouldn’t have such a surprised semi cringey attitude towards it.
perfect, utterly perfect
Look at the glory of OMG that's a Dude Cosplay
I think... I might one day do a cosplay one day too. (shhhh - she is speaking heresy!!!)

I had some genuinely gorgeous people allow me to take photos with them, including the ever charming A and E, as well as the yearly surprises from M. 

I even got approached by some people form the BBC about getting in touch to make one off pieces for set props!
Veeery interesting... so watch this space.

Again, it was an over saturation of merchandise, but there is a strong core of people who love to support artists.  I was surprised to hear that a lot of the drawing artists actually got quite a few sales this year, normally posters of fan art become less and less popular when official ones are sold equally as cheap or there are 15 other artists making fanart of the same thing.
Sexy Sassy Gandalf is real!!!!!!!!!!! ..... my life is complete
But hey, while the organisation behind Supanova, the people who allowed Adam Baldwin to tag along despite many people petitioning against him coming, may just be taking advantage of our nerdy love for some fancy ass cash, it is still great to have a con like this in Sydney that is the massive size that it is.

And no, I didn’t mind Mr Baldwin being there, he is a repulsive person, but his act as Jayne was charming.  Props to Whedon for that.  And apparently, he’s a nice guy when you meet him, just don’t mention anything at all that could get him to talk about his opinion, on anything.

Ah well, its curtains for the T’EMPorium as a convention shop it seems, and I’ve been so very busy crafting and doing things and trying to get underwater that I wonder where and when I‘ll have time to make a real shop. 
I also met the lovely people who help run the Australian Discworld Con and even freaked the hell out at finding none other than Susan, at Suapanova. (And Death, Neil Gaiman's one)
I still managed to grab some loot from neighbours -not as much as usual because I'm all shopped out. but oh my do I love my new star wars swimsuit.  And Amigurumi Goldfish!

and some cute small things for cute small nerds
Its great to have a full time job now that ends an hour earlier than I used to, that extra hour will afford me the time to start putting things together for the near future.

Something involving glitter maybe...

Who knows.....?
Until then, peace out! I love you sparkly love babies and your eyes and minds to read and mouths to laugh and stuff.

Be gorgeous, be good!

/T out.