Thursday, 29 October 2015

NOPEtober and associated Gifs


It's almost the end of the year.  How the hell did this happen?

Its been an interesting month. Work still goes, and I'm still adjusting.  It's been a slog actually, I feel my metaphorical calves chafing from all that metaphorical uphill climbing. On the plus side, dem metaphorical glutes.  On the minus - dem glutes aren't real. 

It almost December - which means Christmas, which means I'm going to be eating so much and oh my god decorations and presents and the new year holy shit, wait...

I had plans! what happen!

In fact, I have recently been encouraged to write my short stories and such and start looking for ways to publish.  If anyone has any resources or sharing ideas, please hand them over!  I'm not expecting something lucrative, but I want to write to get better, get critique and collaborate with others.  That way I don't write in a vacuum of writer's hipsterness.

I feel like I have procrastinated a lot, even though I have done quite a few little things.  Seriously, what is happening October, it wasn't meant to be like this! Damn you Chris Evans! I developed a mild obsession with you as Captain America and have been re-watching too much Cap.

But yeah, I have made a few little things, mainly props and pretty decors.  I may sell these things if anyone is interested. 
The sea in a jar and some crystals I grew myself
Bottled Galaxies

At least on the learning to make make-up front.  I even made a new palette - but more on that later.

Oh and also, I sort of got tanned!


The year has gotten a hold of me and shaken me around.  I almost feel like I've run out of time despite the fact that I still managed to find the time to write inane comments on movie forums.

I even saw crimson peak!

It was inspiring - I ended up drawing things and designing things that I want to make for future crafts-ing.  Man, I want to be adopted by Guillermo del Toro.  I'll live in his attic and make little curios for his cabinet.

I finally managed to take a proper course in making mineral makeup and boy did I learn a hell of a lot. And got a migraine.
Aaand - I made these!!! whooooo
Skin matching foundation, blusher, bronzer and eyeshadows

I'm really excited to make and learn more.  I'll stick to eyeshadows for now simply because that's a lot of powdery, glittery stuff to make a mess with.
We also had a labour day holiday and I took advantage to book the fam bam and I to go to the Gold Coast and spend some really relaxing time in Sanctuary Cove.

OOOOoooOOOOOO chick it ouuut!
We had such a worry-free time.  The hotel had a man-made lagoon where we just lounged everyday, like walruses in the sun.

The hotel is situated in a inland river cove so we visited the local marina, where they had little festivals and good, fresh seafood restaurants.

Then, the rest of October happened.  It was mostly work and some birthday parties.... and cake.
But I am heading to PAX this weekend and I'll probably have an update on that in November.

For now, I will need to get art and craft inspiration and cling onto my sanity as the year rushes on by the skin of my teeth. 
herping that drawing derp
So people - throw those ideas at me... my body is ready.

And as always - I'm leaving you with a funny video to watch and ingest as food for thought. 
Except Sandi Toksvig will be the new host, and she's marvellous.

Just watch!!