Monday, 23 May 2011

My Epileptically Coloured Childhood Cartoons

So when I was younger I used to watch a cartoon called Jem. I did research on it a while ago and found out it was a cartoon made to promote a set of new toys that were being released.
Either way, I adored Jem - it had 0% princess in it and it wasn't anime.

Yeah - it's THAT old... shut up

Even though I predominantly grew up on anime, mainly because Spain was importing what I presume was cheap cartoons from Japan as opposed to the US, I had some pretty staple western cartoons to look back on, one being X-men, Thundercats and the other being Jem, even if it didn't air for that long.
I have really muddled memories of the cartoon, I was so young and so ADD without actually being ADD. But I mainly remember that Jem was the lead singer in a band - and she had magic earrings that changed her costume and appearance to whatever she wanted.

She was like a punk rock Sailor Moon, on crack, and tights, and pink hair (ok - that's a more anime normal thing but whatever), and her boyfriend was butt ugly, even worse than Ken for Barbie. One episode had a volcano and she was inside it - and for some reason she didn't burn, and the lava was pink, but that may have been the bad image quality of my 1992 television.
My memory wasn't all that wrong. Jem was in a band called Jem and the Holograms, and their rival band was called the Misfits, and Jem did have magic earrings that changed her appearance. I actually never knew there were toys though - but then, back in those days I preferred My Little Pony, G.I Joe, Barbies and St Seiya figurines (yes i liked Barbies and G.I Joe - Ken wasn't good enough for me so i used manlier men in my games) .
So anyway, I am a polyvore addict when I have the time to do some collage sets on it. I know a lot of people use it for fashion but i like making little pictures up - even though this particular set is more fashion themed, it is inspired by my fave pink haired heroine from back in the better day.

Jem Kei

Anyway - I'l probably post polyvore sets when I'm feeling particularly inspired, I've never been able to share my sets onthere because most of the people there are mainly fashionistas and as much as I love fashion I can only look at so many pairs of YSL shoes and beige dresses before I slit my wrists.

So there BRIGHT COLOUR FOR MONDAY!!!! yeeeeeey

So what are your inspiring childhood cartoons? Even some anime - I might even make a polyvore set for it.

Extra tidbit: I asked a few months back some of my friends of mine in the Anime club if they remembered a really old cartoon with space cowboys and robot horses, the horse could talk and there was a generally stupid girl and there was a black dude and more robot horses and blond guys and stuff.

After some rather difficult research I found that my question held three answers because my convoluted brain had watched three separate cartoons and amalgamated them into one huge futuristic western mess.

Saber Rider and the Star Sherrifs - I mostly remember the derp that was the girl - and the really weird guy on the horse

Galaxy Rangers - I remember the blond, just the blond.... Oh and like captain planet - the team was ever so PC!!!

and my most memorable of the space cowboy cartoons:

Bravestarr - he had a fucking talking horse!!! with a gun!!!!

These three cartoons weren't massive parts of my life, but I had watched them regularly on TV every afternoon. I think I watched Bravestarr the most faithfully although I don't remember the talking horse being that scary looking.

I might do a thundercats polyvore one day - just to see if I can achieve a whole new level of fashion weird.
Thundercats, thundercats HoooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooOOOOOooo!!!!!!!!


  1. I loved Thirty-thirty! (Bravestarr's talking horse) And his epic weapon, which he calls Sara, I think. It was the first time I liked a non-carnivorous animal. ==;; /fail. Don't judge. XD And I had a crush on Linka (Captain Planet) and the blond girl from Star Sheriffs (whoever the heck she was).

  2. AAAHHH someone who remembers!!! he was epically badass.
    I have very ambivalent feelings about captain planet - mostly brought aboutby the Cap's awful hair. But i liked them all - even spleen boy - i mean heart boy - whatever his name was - with the monkey.
    Linka was a commie how dare you!!!!!
    Although - she was a hot russian blonde anyway

  3. SABER RIDER ;A; <3 <3 <3 <3

  4. LOOOOOL - I feel the thunder inside too

  5. I couldn't help it! Those legs. That accent. That spunk! LOL.


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