Friday, 13 July 2012

There is no ALCOHOL!!!

Seriously - Friday night - sober?


I am flying on a Jet Plane (well not really - old school A330 apparently.... blegh!) to venture off to fair Phils!!!

so I guess that's good bye from me and Baby Garrus! (yes, yes I did, I'm a grown ass woman and I can buy Turian plushies if I want to)

FYI - the Shirt says' Death to Reaper's, me and my bro Garrus always wear matching swag
And now to catch up on Game of Thrones... finally.

Hopefully I will be back looking less like some pasty vampire and more like I actually inherited half of my genertic makeup from an ethnic group that takes well to sunshine... Hopefully.

Bai Bai - see you laterz potaterz!