Monday, 17 December 2012

So this is not christmas yet!!! a.k.a screw you time! you go too fast!

What the hell has happened people? Seriously, what the hell? Did months January through to August decide to give me a huge fuck you and promptly walk out of my life without even a Dear John letter to ease the heartache?
My baby nephew is turning one soon, I don’t really know how that has happened.

So, as mentioned, I had a 'photo shoot' with a friend, showcasing my antlers and other random things.  To be honest, it was my one and only chance to be all fancy and model-y and fashion-y and do those things that other cosplayers, lolitas and genuine models do in fancy clothes.

I failed, epically.  

I have no idea how they do that posing thing, especially without looking like some pretentious fool who is pretending to be whimsical but is most likely just holding in a pretty huge fart…
not that I was, or anything.
I give massive kudos to Emma for putting up with my derp face, her every instruction was logical and sensible, it is my fault that I couldn't pull a pose without suddenly cracking an idiot laugh or pulling a face.  My natural state in front of a camera is semi-conscious, awkward, weirdness.  Especially when we are making an effort to make me look nice.

One instruction that got us laughing was her telling me to feel like 'a wood sprite' – I promptly grabbed the nearest branch and held on for dear life.  I assume that is what wood sprites do right?
Anyway, derp aside, Emma did a bang up awesome job. 

Hire her, seriously.

Terrible, terrible stuff. I have completely forgotten how to do oxford referencing, and even worse; how to write in brief sentences.  I am so screwed. I just submitted my first ASSignment.  I really hate writing essays.
However, I have officially become commander of a shiny SR2!!! – she isn't the Normandy, but her name does happen to be Indie.  Which is sort of close to sounding like EDI. 
Sadly, I speed, a lot.  Not a good sign for my mother's health.
My computer is completely dead.  So no video games for me for the next few months, which might be a good thing since I am so overwhelmed by study and work.  So, in short – I will never sleep with Anders and Fenris in Dragon Age 2.  That's the only reason you'd play right? cause, there really isn't any other one in my opinion.  That game is pretty lame.  I am loyal to Origins, can you tell?

However, I have been arting; a lot!

However, none of those artses have been finished… hmmm
Speaking or arting and stuff – I received my SW337L007 from forum buddy and awesome comic artist Smars, whose Kickstarter campaign I contributed to a few months ago. 

And, in the vein of fellow artists who are awesome and epic and working so damn hard to get their epicness out there, (I use the word epic too much don't I? god I'm hipster), head on over to read this thrilling comic by Hjels.  He is up and coming and his story is compelling and beautiful.  I really recommend it for a good read.
Another local artist that you should totally check out and listen to his podcasts is the world of Pandeia by Paul C.  Not only is he a wonderful acquaintance and all round awesome guy.  He provides awesome mentoring and software tips on his blog. 

As for my own pieces...  Whelp that fiction novel I wanted to write? yeah… um, that's been on hold for a bit.  Ugh.  I'll get to it I promise, one day.
However, any progress is progress and I have drawings and notes to get me by.
Finally, and it is with huge and deep melancholy that I make this announcement.  For even those who, to whit have never cared or known about this condition of mine will now be informed that…
I have quit Lolita fashion.  For good.


Its serious, I spent money on this!

But in short.  I no longer see why I found it so attractive. Be it age or just the usual vicissitudes of life, I find the style tedious, pretentious, expensive and far too artificial for my tastes now. 
Maybe you just move on with life and find other and better things to do.  I no longer hold Lolita in any realm that I would spend too much or any of my time on.  Sorry.  I would expand on this and make some sort of dissertation about how I've become increasingly uncomfortable with a hyper cute fashion that despite all arguments against, does in fact cling of a visual glorification of child-like-ness and pretend innocence.  But here's the thing.  They're just clothes.  Anymore cogitation on the subject is just plain silly.  See! I used the word 'cogitation'.  FUCKING SILLY.

It was fun, but no more. 
If anyone is interested in buying a skirt or two holla at me. I'll send you a list of the things I am getting rid of – I'll even throw in free accessories with every purchase. 

That having been said – have you seen this website made entirely out of eyecandy?!?!?! Its amazing and beautiful and unjustly expensive.  I may have spent a lot of money on Lolita clothes (well, actually not as much as some to be honest), but I cannot ever for the life of me justify buying spandex leg wrappings for that price.  Sorry, I guess the costs of maintaining a starship like Indie tend to override the need to look fabulous. 
(oh god it makes me so sad I really really really want a pair!!!! boooooooo)
having said that my birthday and xmas IS coming up… nevermind. FORGET I SAID ANYTHING!!!!

I also have calmed down in the realm of cosmetics.  Probably because I now own every colour under the sun and have also found that my epic Illamasqua loot bag is really, really big and all that spending is excessive.
I see a trend here, I'm becoming stingy, but you know – that SR2 is not going to calibrate its plasma cannon by itself you know.  (i.e. Holy shit – I didn't realise fuel was that expensive!!!)

That's right, I'll be there next Easter.  Anyone up for lots of beer and inappropriate bar conversations?! eh? eh? I'll be mostly in the West Coast area – as in mainly Castaic in California.  But I may be able to take some time to go to Frisco and if I am really lucky – go to Florida because I really want to see if Miami Dade is really as fancy as it looks on tv.

Apologies to my Eurofriends though, I promised I'd go home to the Netherlands but full time work only allows me one holiday a year.  Maybe I'll see if I can spend xmas with you guys and spend time in the north.
Not that I'm looking for sexy Vikings or anything… maybe just a daytrip to Oslo.

I miss Leiden guyze OMG!!!! I hope that once my studies are over I can start applying to the plethora of NGOs, MNOs and IJCs up there but for now, I'll have to make do with this desk job and a comfortable permanent salary.
Ok – being sad and homesick time is over.  Xmas is coming up which means I'm going to get drunk quite often, and it wont even be at company xmas parties.  So, what are your plans for the holidays? we only get three days off from work! terrible!

I'll be swimming in the beach or at the very least in a body of water that is more or less sanitised.  Hopefully I wont be drunk.
Lastly, XMAS CARD EXCHANGE PROJECT!!!! get stuff like this!!!

Do you want a handmade card? I'll send you one!!! just read about the project here and hey, make yourself feel loved by a stranger for around 6 seconds with a badly drawn piece of card with a dedication.  I cant guarantee it will get there on time, because, you know, Australia is far from every planet.  But hey! free attention.

Ok – I'm done rambling for the month.  Enjoy Stephen Fry's nipples, I know I did.

It was lovely being velvety with you all this year.  I am looking forward to the great 2012 armageddon.  Let us embrace our Mayan armageddon gods and zombie alien overlords with zeal and haste.

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Save this place? - filla filler file-er


Stop nagging me on facebook.  I am going to post soon. 

I just finished reading Neil Gaiman's Sandman - I am emotionally fragile! Which is why I read vols 1 and 2 of Fantastic Four's Future Foundation.  I will admit to peeing my pants a little bit from excitement.

This doesnt justify my poor correspondence.

I listened to an interesting podcast this morning.  It made me think of this.  I hope this offering can give me your forgiveness:

I am going to post very sooooon - I have assignments and presents and thingies waaaah imsosorrryyyyyyyyyy.

Also - I am the only one in my group who hasn't finished Dishonored.  Damn straight you should feel sorry for me.  PITY ME! I DEMAND IT - fuck that shit - challenge accepted.

Till later folks.