Quarter one achieved

Ok man, what is happening. Its April!
I am trying the blogger app. Its a bit weird and I have no idea if the pictures are showing properly.
 Are they?
I have no idea, I'm back on a browser now so hopefully this post will look a little more coherent than what I can see on my phone.
Yes - April - goddamnit where is all the time going?
Also - let's not panic...
So I am becoming exceedingly lazy of late.  My weekends are full of events that while I may look like I am turning into a social butterfly, remember that appearances are deceiving and really, I am turning into a social slug.  I get there, I end up just lying about, and leaving a mess.
I also went diving - and I really would have loved to share my photos of the lovely underwater world I encountered in Manly but my camera failed me. 
But, I did go paddle boarding too - I was slow, I was wobbly and I forgot my sun-cream and I fell but you know what - I saw jellyfish float alongside me while doing it so it was an excellent experience (not the burny stingy ones, the cute jelly up ones).
the gorgeous view in Manly

I have also been doing art.  I am not attending Supanova this year so I am not making antlers for once and having at go at other things.

Said things involve cutting doing a scary amount of maths and cutting metal and stuff:
and then soldering and filing and shaping and stuff:
and then more soldering, more filing, and buffing and then finally setting and POW!
Hell yiss! I made a ring! its kind of huge and pretty heavy (around 13gm of silver and probably about 4gm of stone) and I'm so proud because I can hold a flame to metal and make things and now I HAS THE POWER.

But really, I'm really happy with how it turned out, J and I took the course together and she has also improved her mad skillz.
We're working on new smaller projects, I'm working on another ring so I can practice my soldering and needle filing.
I'm also doing other things!!!
Like painting! Hooray! Seriously, I've not drawn or painted in years and it felt really good to get back into it.

Mind you - I'm still getting the hang of it - I'm trying watercolours,
Which is really fun, but I think I'm being either too heavy handed or using too much water and warping what is essentially watercolour paper.

But I'm trying different things - so now I'm working on acrylics
Which was pretty hard because I'm starting to get into really small details and sometimes I can't colour coordinate properly

But I reckon I am improving, especially with texture

I also tried pencil drawing which is soooo hard!!!
The runes on the hammer say 'All My Single Ladies"
Yeah - so I'm totally turning into an arty farty art nerd. 

I also went to Melbourne and saw the fam-bam there.

I also saw pelicans!
And the sea!
Phillip Island without the penguins.

Anyway - this is mainly a pic dump.  Enjoy!1

Oh and if you have ideas for paintings and drawings, I'm all ears dude!

I'm also obsessed with this Youtube channel:

Because goddamn it, the reviews for the movie are bad and I am so disappoint!!!!

So now, I'm off to soothe my heart with too many wonder Woman t-shirts.  Whoooo



  1. Jewlery making is the coolest thing ever!!!!!!! I've done a few things too =3


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