Saturday, 29 August 2015

This year just keeps on chugging... with more DC comics gifs than usual


Look at that, I'm somewhat timely.  Or rather, I've bothered myself to write.

Well, I sang Supanova's praises last month, and now I've little else to talk about.

Oh yeah, I mentioned I got a new job, whooo hoo!!!

Since its important to stay private when spewing my guts out on the internet, the only thing I'll say is that its with a Children's NGO that advocates caring for children in the foster care system.

Its been eye opening and sometimes even confronting.  And its taught me one or two things about raising children.  Love alone can't raise them.

Some parents might try, and fail, terribly, and sometimes it isn't always their fault.  But here's the thing, that kid can't wait for their parents to sort their lives out, they need care now.  And that's a hard pill to swallow sometimes.

Buuut anyway, enough philosophising, its a great job and I'm learning a lot and really adjusting to a completely different world of work too.

But I'm still hobbying around!!!

So, The T'EMPorium is going to go through a massive overhaul in the following months, and/or (depending on how lazy I am) in the next year.

I have loads of ideas and have already been putting some into practice, like... getting to G Rank on Monster Hunter


But on the other hand - my computer is borked and wont let me play the Witcher 3....

let's not talk about it... ok?

I also did a winter dive.  It was my reward after leaving my old job and having two days off to freak out about leaving prepare for the new work adventure.

It was freezing so bad, I genuinely thought I'd developed nuts to get into that freezing water only in order to have them freeze right off.
It was a beautiful but unbelievably cold day at the Fairy Bower in Manly
And so, nature became balanced once more.

My shitty underwater camera also decided to be uncooperative...

uh... wow (somewhere in there is a Wobbegong Shark

A decent shot of a blue groper

But I at least got one or two nice shots, but better memories.

I regret not having caught the photos of the two huge cuttle fish that decided to have a curious peek at us.  They were the size of mini ponies and were this gorgeous purple and flashed yellow at us every now and then before they got bored of us.

The ferry ride home was great, I got a rainbow AND a friendly seagull... OHBOY.

It was a good way to relax before the new job and since it was a week before Supanova, it helped me not freak out about the world of pain that I spent in burning my hands with hot glue.
Burnination was worth it after the loads of fun I had making this...
Whelp - its been a decent run and I got all creative and crafty and have even come up with this!!!
I'm still working on formulation and my colour blending abilities are limited, but I'm having a crap ton of fun even though it means getting shitloads of disinfectant in my eye because my workspace is pristine clean... pine-o clean, acid clean.
not the best swabbing or the best shot but it was the best one in the clearest light...
And I'm back to drawing! sort of - that will take a while since I have to rediscover what it feels like to hold a pencil, but I intend on producing more random stuff like this:

Ah well, I've run out of fabulous things to say.  And I can't come up with any more relevant gifs.

Oh - I've been watching Young Justice because... well... I don't know and seriously, why the retcon on Huntress??!!  I mean, its cool making her Vietnamese (Nguyen... I'm assuming they're going for Vietnamese - but considering the godawful Spanish they talk I would not be surprised if they assumed she was Japanese).
But halfie Asian kids are NEVER BLONDE - Impossible that Artemis is blonde... IMP.OSS.I.BLE.

And God Almighty... WONDER WOMAN.  I mean I got some of the old comics and she's amazing in them, cheesy dialog and all... But Holy Shit is she Hard Core in Justice League Unlimited.  Well done Brucy boy...
Ok... now I have nothing decent to say so peace out and cook with dog!!! Cause Francis the Dog is adorable.

stay shiny.


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