Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Sorry... Sorry... um.. yeah... sorry, have a gif party...

Oh my god, Its May...

I AM SO SORRY. (ok, maybe not SO sorry, but I am sorry...)
So, so, sorry
Can I use 'I've been busy' as an excuse? because I have been, really, for realsies.

I feel a little stretched thin nowadays, which probably isn't good but on the other hand, I enjoy being able to fill my days with something to do.

I am filling my hours with house chores and arts and crafts, and I have decided to be really really silly, and have decided to compete in this competition so i can win sweet sweet BPRD lootz.  I am really hoping to get something really nice done and get a tad of attention from someone in the magical cosmic world of... something.

Also, I just really really want Mignola-Senpai to notice me.
I have been also completely overwhelmed with family things, my niece and nephew are the cutest things that ever patootied and my Sundays are usually spent driving to Cherrybrook (please note, I can drive, doesn't mean I like doing it), so i can play with these monsters.

Also - I love our dogs, so I am willing to do the 'agonizing' half hour drive to Cherrybrook to lunch, play with bubbies and then, promptly without fail, have a nap with the two dogs at 3:30.  Also my cousin occasionally grabs me to play some multi-player BattleDuty of whatever warzone dudebro shooter game he is playing and I usually (but very successfully) pray and spray the entire screen.
my babies
I am also a full-on swimmer, so Tuesdays revolves entirely around me being able to fish around at the pool, I even imagine my practice laps at work.  Because maybe no one has noticed, but secretly, I am a mermaid.  Not the soppy in love with a douchey price type (yes, Eric is a douche, seriously, he finds a hot, mute girl at the beach and starts getting all hot for her, but as soon as the foxy brunette with the sick voice wanders, he drops her like a fucking hot potato - FUCKING DOUCHE, damn Ariel, you can do so much better).

Having said that, I want to show you this....
The most beautiful mermaid tails in the world by the Mertailor
Aren't they the most wonderful things that have ever existed since the invention of sliced bread?
Can I please have a sugar-daddy that could buy me one of these? Or an employer who is willing to give me a salary and as a bonus, one of these? (payment in complimentary fish tails sounds really cool actually).

I have also started writing short stories... which end up not being short.  I got inspired by an art commission by Buddy P, write of extraordinarily rich and lovely graphic novel Pandeia, to draw me a character as a reward for his kickstarter project.  I wrote a short story based on this character but eventually it evolved into its own monster.  I have a summarized version of the story but I don't think I can attach it separately.  I think I might post it as something separate.

More importantly, I am in full T'EMPorium mode, I sleep, eat and breathe the T'EMPorium and I am proud to announce that I have set up my (empty) etsy shop and have most of my stock almost ready for my big re-launch at SupaNova.  I have my merchandise mostly ready, the decor for the stall, and eeeeeee - business cards!!! so exciting!!!

Also, I am in dreamy, dreamers mode because STAN LEE IS COMING TO SUPANOVA AND I JUST MIGHT HAVE A STROKE.  John Barrowman is also coming so I will have two strokes, oh and quite unlikely as this seems, a gay man will give me multiple org-... nerdgasms... yes.

I need to plan my costumes because I really wanna ham my products up with some nice product placement, on me, that is, because I cannot afford models.
Photo by J (thanks!) - sneaky preview of the final products!!!
I am also dangerously close to increasing my corset collection.  Which is impractical and silly and weird because who wears a corset to watch Captain America anyway?

Oh, guys - Captain America... that was the most perfect Marvel movie, like, ever.  Totes.
I have been to the cinema quite a bit (as in, more than once) these past few weeks and I must say, I have really enjoyed the movies I've seen.  Totally worth the $21 FUCKING DOLLARS for a ticket.  (Ok, i lie, I watch these movies using vouchers).
Even... yes... that Zack Snyder ABOMINATION that was 300: Rise of an Empire.  I am a little bit worried he will turn the new batman/superman movie into a douchefest but I am going to keep faith because Sin City was pretty good.

Gosh, isn't everyone disappointed that Bryan Singer, director of what I assume is the goddamn amazing X-Men: Days of future past a complete asshole? Because I am, I really hope this becomes his last gig and he gets his disgusting ass thrown into jail.  Seriously.

In other news, I have caught the flu three times since the beginning of fall.  Three. Times.
Oh, and all those weddings whose hen's night I have been attending? worth it.  I am so happy for all my friends and whatever, my dress was two sizes too big for me and well, it was also very hot in Adelaide and I threw up and it was all very, very lovely.

Also, I'm going to be an auntie again because J is preggers again with baby number 2 but she (yes, its a girl!) is tiny so I guess we all have no choice but to call her nugget.

I am very excited for nugget to be born.  However, current adorable baby niece is hilarious, she makes faces and she does this weird crawl and she screams so she has a new nickname: Nazgul.

So it seems that despite the sudden craziness of my day-to-day I am quite chipper (probably a very brittle mask to stop me from screaming down the street).  I will no doubt collapse in an exhausted and weeping heap by Mid June but whatever.

I have also booked my tickets and hotels for Spain in September. SO EXCITED ALL THE TAPAS NOM NOM NOM.

So, um, yeah.  That's my current dear diary, I guess.  Kris is leaving EXO, because everyone cares about Kpop right?
This is pretty much what most Kpop ends up feeling like to me
Also - what has been a recent movie that you enjoyed? why? I'm always interested in hearing critique of film because i always end up not realizing many things about the things i watch until someone else points them out to me.

Oh and is it possible to marry a TV show?  Because True Detective is my fiance.  Totally.

magotes for all of you!!! (I don't know, I like the word okay?)
Oh, and enjoy some pre-X-men love goodies
Bromance is like, infijillionty time better than Xavie/Magneto slash...

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