Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Like Jesus, I like wine - warning: GIFS EVERYWHERE

Oh my god – would you look at that – I'M NOT DEAD!!!! Its like a Christmas Miracle.
Yeah… well… I technically was.

I actually got off my ass and did something!!
And I have done many things in the past few months.

One – I have finished my masters! I AM A MASTER

….i am a master…. master, master, master….

Yes, I have finished my masters studies – and now that its done, I will never make any intellectual propositions ever again.  I shall cease to cogitate at higher levels from now on.

All I will think about from now on are kittens and Turians.  (And shoes) - And Christmas!!!!

Seriously, these studies have sucked the everliving crapping life out of me.  I feel so tired and so, so drained and oddly, slightly lost.  I feel like there should be something I should be stressing about, but I no longer have any assignments or exams to stress out over.
Its weird, I have yet to make up my mind as to whether this may lead me to darker paths – like considering another degree. (My wallet agrees with my gut in that it does not want to be taken on another wild financial ride until I consider buying a house).

I am now catching up on a fuckton of TV shows that i've been abstaining from in order to read my source materials, except not really because I've been watching re-runs of The Thick of It.  As such I can succesfully claim I still havent watched the Walking Dead, except one or two relevant episodes.
Bear with me, there's a reason why I am woefully behind the Walking Dead and always fucking know the fucking story in fucking Bala-fucking-mory.  (I am told there are good looking guys who possibly kiss each other, if that's not yum fodder, I don’t know what is, except – its not true – the actors on the show sometimes kiss each other, is that better?)

I mean, because Malcolm Fucking Tucker is amazing that's fucking why, and he's also going to become a mother-fucking Dalek Fucker.

Look at that intense Angry Doctor Face...
I don’t know, it was partially relevant to my studies (not really), it was Malcolm Tucker.  Need I say more?

But um… yes.
Oh, I went to PAX!!!! the one is Australia that is, the first one ever on Aussie soil, I was like, a pioneer, like Captain Cook, except without the racism (much) and the getting stabbed in Hawaii (well, I did get drunk in a Mexican themed bar, but I did not inappropriately touch ANY chieftain's daughter). Ok - this is super old news.  But still, that's sort of exciting rights? I'm also going to PAX 2014 - yipee! I smell a nerdy tradition involving Cards Against Humanity.

PAX was lovely, I made new friends and had a great time playing card and boardgames.  I actually ignored a lot of the video games because, well, I play video games at home, there's no point.  I tried out some of the indie Aussie developments like Black Annex, which gives me a headache but is really, really cute. (the pixelated graphics animate rather jarringly which is not good on the eyes, but the slightly bland color palette helps a bit).

I also got so see Beyonce live, it was a religious experience and damnit, I cried, I went like a loser Beyonce nerd to the concert on my own, stood next to some kids and a tourist and whooped and cried my way through two hours of booty shakin. 
I have been waiting a long time to use this .gif
I have no regrets.

I also went to a packed Bon Jovi Concert - I didnt really know a lot of their newer stuff but did go bananas because I am wanted.... dead or aliiiiiiiiive.
taken with potato...

I am almost fully caught up on Game of Thrones – yes, FINALLY! the books that is.  I had read the first book when I was like 14, and found it a bit too confusing for my tastes at that time.  Now I am managing to make my work commutes super dramatic and I am really, enjoying the ride.  I wont watch the series because its just too much.  My Daenerys looks wildly different to the one in the series (same for Drogo) and god, Brienne.  Lordy, the TV Brienne is so beautiful in comparison to book Brienne (and oddly, my Jamie is more handsome in a different way). 
I am also planning on maybe, possibly (i'm so lazy so let's just assume I wont) doing several fan pieces of art and sculpture to sell for next year's SydNova.  This includes some baby dragon eggs, some paintings of the Summer ilse's landscapes (guize, Volantis is beautiful guize - re-read the descriptions). 
yeah - that's as far as i go...

Oh, but Jorah Mormont – YUM, Bronn – DOUBLE YUM (I have been, as a result been in love with Ripper Street).
Never my delicious Bear, NEVER
Other than PAX, I have been up to absolutely nothing because, did I mention? I finished my masters!!!!

I have about 4 months' worth of podcasts to catch up on and OH SO MUCH ART AND CRAFT.
so much – I think I am going to cry…

Oh – and in my usual late to the video game party revelations – THE WITCHER MAKES ME FEEL SO DIRTY, HOLY SHIT GERALT WHY YOU SLEEP WITH ALL THE WIMINZ
I guess being a mutant means he won't get STDs. But god, he is such a sleaze, I tried really hard to not get the sexy times conversations – I kept thinking you'd get advice or new entries in your glossaries (like that one swamp lady that reaches you all the swamp herbs – so useful) and sometimes, I just slept with the ladies thinking that would award me some skill or alliance (eg the Dryad) but no, just a collectible graphic.

His pickup lines are terrible! which is why I probably ended up sleeping with a few ladies that I didn’t want to sleep with, the lead up was awful.  I only actually bothered myself with Shani.  She's cool, and actually has proper social interactions with Geralt.  AND WHO PAYS 70 ORENS TO SLEEP WITH A PROSTITUTE?!?!?!?!
Triss, well, I re-loaded an old save file and avoided that pile of crap.

Geralt, you're skanky. 
That having been said, the Witcher is a phenomenal game and I love the crap out of it regardless.

Also… my computer is dead.
Not completely dead, just the hard drive – all my data, corrupted, the partition, dead.

This is the second time its happened guys, AM I CURSED?

will I never see my hentai from ten years ago that I am no longer interested in ever again?!?!?!

what a life.
I have started prototyping for next year's crafts table at Supanova (badly).  To be honest I am so run down that again, I am resolving that this will be my last year.  I don’t know for sure, I don’t even have the energy to set up an etsy store.  I feel very creative but I don’t feel I can do anything with it.  If anyone would want to buy stuff off me that would be nice, but I'd rather do my usual art exchanges.

Speaking of which!
I did a canvas exchange with the Sketchbook Project in August.

I made this:

And got this in return from California!

Pretty cool huh?
Oh and in case you didn't know, or got bored by my last slightly emotional entry - I help out on a lovely movie reviewing podcast, hosted by Miles from - he talks and reviews movies and dude, it is so very informative, I learn so much awesome stuff. And also I am having a hell of a fun time.

So – finally, a blog post, not that it matters much, but yeah, I'm somewhat alive.  And obviously still committed, sort of.  Hopefully I can write better things soon and have less reddit ripped gifs to show for my new found creativity – And yes - its Xmas time and I have a surprisingly alrge amount of babies to babysit or play with.  I am super clucky this year, its really perturbing.
But let's not get too excited.

I may eventually change my blog design too - I have been sort of drawing... sometimes...


GOODBYE CRUEL WORLD. (Merry Christmas and Happy New Year - I promise I'll post again, super duper promise!!)

Oh - and I got a beautiful Intuos Wacom Tablet doodler for my birthday.  You are now obligated to nag me - in particular on facebook, to get on with the drawing of the things and the artings.  GODDAMNIT DO NOT WASTE SUCH AN AMAZING GIFT!!!

Peace out fellow canines!

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