The epic ballad of Supanova 2013

I hath returned! with tidings and...stuff.

I was meant to post this last week but considering that I was sick, exhausted and dealing with End of Financial Year at work, I haven't really had any time to type anything other than a text message (badly).
So, if anyone remembers from last year's post, Supanova is Sydney's biggest Nerdy Con of the year, it is actually a nationwide tour starting in Brisbane, then Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Sydney and then even gets itself to New Zealand (maybe not in that order).  Sydney's one always happens roughly mid-year.

This year I decided to be a vendor, seeing as I detest selling at Animania and figured I might have a better market to blow out on.
I also said this would be my last year as a vendor, I said that last year too… and the year before that…


About that.
Ok, so let me explain things first.

People are evil.  Really, really, really evil.  And cruel too! they enjoy seeing me slog on through my exhaustion and get stressed and panicked and make stuff and worry and work hard.
Yeah! damnit!

Yeah…….. ye…ah…
So I set up table next to the always amazing and awesome and fabulous and super duper effing frekkin talented guys at Nekochii! We even teamed up and went steampunk theme together!
Theirs was a bit more sideshow/circus themed while mine looked like a Victorian Travelling Bazaar. 
If you want to see the rest of the stuff, i'll be posting all my products pics on Deviantart soon.
On the other side of my table were newcomers and new friends from Artitude Memories.  DR WHO STUFF ALLOVER THE PLACE!!! I bought a cute pair of Tardis earrings and got a Wooden Tardis cookie jar for a friend's belated bday present.

All in all, I did super well.  The antlers flew off the table like no one's business, and people said that maybe I was selling a bit too cheap. 
Admittedly, I think that maybe I was, however, considering that I haven't got my sculpting technique down pat and that I am terrified that the pieces are still too fragile, I think the price is fair.  I do include care guides for my pieces because they are still delicate and in any case, I was just happy to see people like the stuff so much because of the craftsmanship AND the price.  But as you can see, I am getting better with detailing.
My accessories went well too.  Mainly with my mini terrariums proving a popular success – maybe I'll stick to these two things and not do the other stuff.  My bibs were not as popular as I thought they would be. 

Another thing was my steampunk pocket watches, I was surprised how some people came back asking me to make more.  I am considering making these a steady product as well, except they take so long to make and damnit I get tiiiiiired.
By the end of the convention I had 4 items left on my table.  So all in all, SUCCESS!!
I pretty much sold out of all the important pieces and got to spend a lot of time just bumbling about and reacquainting myself with old friends and making new ones.

Special Kudos goes to my good friends on the other side of artists alley who totally rocked it!!!
I like Shinies, which is run by the brilliant and magical and amazing A! (and don’t let her tell you otherwise, she's bananas good!)

Mogo & Co – run by G and M and are so utterly adorable and cute its just unbelievable.
My epic comic buddy Paul, writer extraordinaire of the indie comic Pandeia, which is getting a lot of press lately and has been signed up to do a panel at the next con SMASH!.  I am one of his biggest fans and am so excited to gush over his work any time.
Paul also shared a table with Daniel DeLafoix, who does this incredible historical horror comic called Morlock.  Volume two is coming out soon and eee! its so exciting. (I need a link here, can't find his site yet – check on Facebook, its amazing!)
creative buddies, (left to right) Paul of Pandeia and J from Nekochii (OMG LOOK AT HER AMAZING LION CORSET!!!!!)
I also caught up with an old friend I also made last year, S, who is the writer of the ridiculously ridiculous and good Zombie Cities graphic novel by Silver Fox comics.  He also gave me issues one and two of the first ever published Zorro comics that he is writing.  Needless to say I was stoked.  I got the comics as an extra prize for supporting one of their Kickstarter campaigns and he also knew I was probably the only one excited for Zorro that he knew of.

I also made new friends among which is Julie Dietrich of Elf-fin/Black Mermaid Productions (the other half being Jozef Szekeres), a true-blue aussie graphic novel about elf mermaids… its like, a fugging glittery double whammy of… glittery… things.  It's great for young people and is preposterously and beautifully drawn.

I also mega bought the shit out of almost every DIY Darling made by the ridiculously talented and what-the-hell-how-did-I-not-know-that-this-girl-was-local?-amazeballs fantasy artist,Selina Fenech.  I bought like eight of her make-your-own-plushie kits and I am currently working on a small cat during lunch at work.  Let's just say I'm pretty rubbish at following instructions…
And suddenly… cosplay.
pretend I am not pointing at my crotch and imagine my lower hand has a gun ok... OK?!
So, ok – it wasn't that bad this year. 

Or I didn't take photos of bad ones anyway…


There was a yelling guy who I thought was a rally angry Dovakhiin.  Turns out he's an actor who was pimping this new indie fantasy show he's on by staying in character and scaring the everloving shit out of every poor socially maladjusted and introverted and shy nerd that walked by.
Us amused bystanders just yelled out 'Now Kiss!' as often as possible.  Because whjo doesn’t want to see burly angry man making out with all the people cosplaying other swarthy men.
It seems slash is a fast growing thing? or is that just Reddit?
Oh – and the hottest Jean Grey…. oh my goooooooood.

Dr Who shizzle was out the bizzle too.  There was a life sized Tardis two tables down from us and all the fangirls 'singing' the Dr Who theme song. 
FUCKING 'EY - Vashta Nerada....
I also got things autographed!!!!
Chris Claremont, writer extraordinaire of Xmen (in particular, my fave story arc, the Phoenix and Dark Phoenix Sagas) signed my Dark Phoenix issue.  And George Perez, who wrote Wonder Woman in the 80/90s signed my 1987 issue of Wonder Woman (part 2 of the Challenge of the Gods, one of my utter fave issues!!! Hippolyta is amazing!).
I also got Karl Urban to sign my #1 issue of the new editions of Judge Dredd.

Ok – strange story time! (maybe not so strange and I'm just starstruck/think I'm funny):
<When Karl signed my comic he sort of did a double take, or most likely, as it was 4 in the afternoon, a blank-face.  I cannot even begin to imagine how weird it must be to constantly sign photographs with your own face on it until maybe you start forgetting what you look like or become insanely narcissistic from looking at yourself so many times.  Anyway, he sort of just paused, maybe realising that what he was signing wasn’t even his own face.  Or maybe he couldn’t remember that he had done Judge Dredd and he just stared at the comic jacket until he started to write.

He was doing fine, writing my name and then, he wrote ' I am th-', and paused.  I kind of got worried and wondered I should mention that, in the King's English (or Queen's), we generally put an 'E' in 'the'.  I didn't because I would have been a serious douche and prat even if it would have been a joke, he was most likely exhausted and hard to think really hard.
Eventually he finished it with 'I AM THE LAW' and, I think he wanted to draw something but ended up drawing a HUGE exclamation mark. 

Either way, I kinda went ' Whoo, you rock!' and he suddenly looked up mildly surprised and thanked me. 
Anyway.  It seemed funny.  It was funny, right? It was funny.  Yep.>

/Story time over.
Aidan Turner, Adam, Brown and Jed Brophy, better known as Kili, Ori and Nori in the Hobbit were also there.  Of course everyone wanted to see Kili (the pretty not an Elf but damn close dwarf why wasn’t Thorin there damnit he is glory and majestic and awesome and holy shit who knew the dude from Spooks could be so hot).

Mr Turner seemed pretty cool with all the fans and took time to chat to the mostly girls in line and seemed quite entranced by one girl's leather jacket and all the girls wearing Tolkien Black Milk Leggings.  Which are all awesome but ridiculously overpriced (but damn I want the map of Middle Earth one, wow!).
Alan Tudyk was there in all his friendly and charming Wash-y glory and a friend took a photo with him with some toy dinosaurs for the feels.  He is a leaf on the wind.  Ugh, if only the lines weren’t so fucking looooong – he was like, the biggest thing at that con since the double edged light-saber.
And Bambi put shit-tons of effort on his cosplay and came as an obscure Anime character...
Either way, it was another great year and I really enjoyed myself as always and there was no sleep to be had, and barely any food and sore feet, and early starts and bad hygiene (not from me pfffft, hand sanitiser EVERYWHERE) and loud, delirious yelling of 'You know nothing Jon Snow' every now and then.
not Jon Snow... but you know, I didn't know where else to put this
Oh, and every one was evil because they've somehow convinced me to do next year.
I also have a project coming up involving a certain pimp-y and Sassy Wizard.  Stay tuned…
Also, my last Masters course starts in a few weeks and then after that, its all fair game.  You have been warned.


NB: - I'll be redesigning the layout of this blog but honestly, I am lazy, so put up with it for a while ok? shanks!


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