Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Ok look - at least its not a myspace photo

So um, clearly, I am not very good at this blogging thing, what with posting supposedly every week to once a month to once a blue moon, or something. I realised that I ought to, at the very least introduce myself. I don’t think it will pull in new readers or anything, but it does give me an excuse to post pictures and attempt to be some sort of Allie Brosch (but clearly, not as cool, funny or popular, but I can pretend right?).

So yeah – My name is T, I am generally human, and mostly, I am a person. In my spare time I like being someone, be it online or offline. I also like books, travelling, deer, history, doritos, politics (for the lulz), drawing, painting, beading, crafting, doritos, sci fi, makeup, Vivienne Westwood, Nilaga (a filo food dish), video games, bubble tea and doritos…

I have also lived out of a suitcase for a lot of years of my life. Home to me was were I could put my suitcase – Madrid, Sydney, Milan, Madrid again, The Hague, Leiden, Brussels, London, Sydney again…
sometimes, Paris. That doesn’t even count the places I’ve also generally travelled to for fun or just because, I mean, almost all of my family is in Manila, hundreds of miles away…

I also like all things steampunk and all things geeky. And doritos.

I am also a postgrad student in the obscure field of international politics, which is short-speak for flailing about and throwing words like ‘de-stabilisation’, ‘civil society’ and ‘globalisation’ like frag-grenades in university forums, academic essays and coffee shops.
But mostly I do work and zone out most of the time. Those zoning out moments create posts like these.

But anyway, this is what I look like when I’m at home… please, no love letters:

Actually I look more like this… usually when I’m tired or delirious, which happens often:

Otherwise, I am at work and being an old lady, whinging about young people and their increasing ignorance (uhhh who’s Aslan?) and their daggy fashion (‘like, leggings are so edgy’, [this is not a c.1980’s quote - sad]).

As some previous posts have noted, I love video games and usually have a general rant about them. This is because I fail at real life activity, I am a rubbish sword fighter in real life, my only skill is swimming and running, but I will never be as badass as say, Sephiroth, Lara Croft or Altair. This is because I am not genetically modified, I am not uber rich nor can I, to my great shame, parkour. Also, I failed my Mecha piloting exam so yeah, guess I wont be invading Japan
for their gundams anytime soon.

I will blog about whatever! mostly nerdy stuff though because not all whatever is you know, whatevery enough. I will bitch and moan about games from my very unique lamer-gamer girl experience (which is reeeaaaaallly lame). But I might also talk about completely different
things, like silly walks and my all time favourite make up brand Illamasqua.

So yes, Monty Python, lipsticks and ZELDA.

A not so very complete collage about the sort of things that
occasionally flash through my head. Please note – some of the items
here can also be construed as a wish list. Hint, hint

I have been rather busy these past two months. As per some entries below, you can clearly see that I am really slow at finishing games or slow at posting about them. Also – I like to make steaming piles of craft and attend conventions where I whinge and rant and drink alcohol
on the sly because sometimes, the old lady in me just cannot stand having to listen to rabid fangirls and fanboys yelling very loudly and badly in Japanese.

Warning – I like fanfiction and do like yaoi, just not rabidly.

So yes – I am pretty sure there is more to me than this article implies except that this is pretty much all I can think of when I think of me… cause you know, I don’t really think about me a lot and this particular entry took months (slight exaggeration, maybe) to put together.

So um…. yeah…

For a general gist of the crap that comes from my head, a few catchphrases for the future:

- If Illamasqua make up was edible I would be nourished in complete fabulosity

- Getting the Hots for Altair means I will need to go to the gym more often to keep up…

- Craftification and design whatsits (i.e – T pretends to have talent)

- I’MMA DRAGON MOTHAFUCKA!!!!!!! *do pardon my French*

- GlaDos sounds like my future possible girlfriend, I’d totally go gay for her, is that wrong?

- Santa’s coming! Look busy!

- Resistance for the PSP makes me feel like a complete tool

- Katamari king makes me feel oh so silky

- Why I shouldn’t shop online because then I end up with three pairs of Vivienne Westwood shoes and still want more

- Link is my bro, and Mario is like that uncle at family dinners who always asks you to pull his finger

Ok – I’ve run out of witty things to say. Shoo I tell you – I have Skyrim to play.

Disclaimer: regardless of its constant crashing of my PC – Skyrim will be held responsible for my lack of activity on this blog. Please divert any and all complaints to Bethesda for making an epic, buggy game that I will still persist in playing.

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